Let's Talk Eviction

General Sessions Courts in Davidson County are now OPEN.    

There are resources to help you through the court process.

In Tennessee, a landlord cannot force a tenant to move without going through the court’s eviction process.  For more information about what a landlord can and cannot do visit this article by Legal Aid Society  https://las.org/what-happens-to-tenants-with-the-courts-closed/.  

Once you receive a warrant you need to be present in court on the day of your court date.  Bring any documentation of your current income and surrounding your hardship.  Be aware that there are organizations working within the court house to assist with mediation between tenants and landlords.  You may talk to your landlord about entering into mediation or going through the LEGACY Housing Court.  Here is a link for more information https://gscourt.nashville.gov/about-us/judges/division-viii-judge-rachel-l-bell/l-e-g-a-c-y-housing-resource-diversionary-court-and-program/

Households with on-going pandemic related issues should consider applying with THDA rental assistance program.  Those who have received HOPE assistance are eligible to apply with THDA.  Here is a link for qualifing information, access to the application portal, and a direct call line if you have questions.  https://thda.org/help-for-renters-section-8/covidrentrelief