Let's Talk Eviction

 There are resources to help you through the court process.

In Tennessee, a landlord cannot force a tenant to move without going through the court’s eviction process.  For more information about the eviction process and renter's rights refer to these flyers by Legal Aid Society or watch the video in the second image above.










Once you receive a warrant you need to be present in court on the day of your court date.  Bring any documentation of your current income and surrounding your hardship.  Be aware that there are organizations working within the court house to assist with mediation between tenants and landlords.  You may talk to your landlord about entering into mediation. You may also choose to inquire about a Legal Aid lawyer by calling 1-800-238-1443 or access the Right to Counsel program at (833)837-4663.

If you believe you have a pending THDA rental assistance application and have received a detainer warrant with a docket number, please let the judge know you have an active application with THDA.