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Rooftop DOES NOT have funding for UTILITIES.

Rooftop has EXHAUSTED our pandemic and nonrestricted funding.

All applicants MUST meet the following criteria to receive a hardship grant. All qualifying candidates may not receive assistance. Grants are based off of the documentation received and available funding.

• Live in Davidson County.

• Legal lease or mortgage in the applicant’s name (half-way houses, hotels, and sober living do not qualify).

• Low-income: defined as living in income-based MDHA, Section 8, or receiving SNAP, Families First, or TennCare.

• Families with children under the age of 18 in the home.

• Must document a financial hardship that has impacted their ability to pay rent or mortgage for the time they are delinquent.

• Must document a resolution to the hardship.

• May not owe more than 3 month’s rent or mortgage.

• A Deposit grant is available for those who meet the criteria above and are moving from homelessness or a market-rate apartment into income-based MDHA or Section 8. The grant cannot assist with a deposit when a resident is moving between MDHA or Section 8 properties.

1. Click the "Apply Now" button below to fill out the online application form.

2. If you do not qualify for an existing grant, you will be sent an email with a referral to other resources.

3. If you qualify for an existing grant, a Rooftop social worker will call you to conduct an over the phone interview and may request additional documentation.

4. Rooftop's case review team meets daily to review applications. Assistance is based on the documentation provided and the funding available.

5. Following that meeting, you will be notified of our decision. If you are approved for assistance, a check will be sent directly to your rental agency or mortgage company.