Holiday Giving 2023

A home is more than a roof and four walls.  It is stability, security, and sanctuary.  These two sentences have been the beginning of our holiday giving campaign for years because they capture the feeling of home.  Research shows that all community sectors, particularly health, education, crime, and employment, are improved when residents have reliable housing. Rooftop Nashville has been a resource for our neighbors experiencing a one-time financial hardship and a referral source for those in ongoing situations.

Since 2020, Rooftop has been a part of the community effort to administer both natural disaster and pandemic funding in addition to our hardship grants.  Rooftop learned we had the ability to quickly scale up to meet the need or scale down when necessary. As that funding is leaving the community, a financial assistance gap is forming. The cost of assisting has increased, limiting what most organizations are able to achieve.  In 2019 our average assistance grant was $595. Today the average assistance is $1,600 for a household that is not court-engaged and $3,600 for those in the eviction or foreclosure process. The Rooftop Board has set two goals for 2024: to increase our ability to stabilize households with one-time hardships as well as develop and fund programs that create opportunity and upward mobility.  A 5% increase in individual donations will make a difference in reaching those goals.  We believe one step toward achieving more affordable housing in Nashville is by partnering with the community to maximize resources and create innovative programming. 

As you give thanks for a roof over your head this season, we hope you’ll join the Board of Directors of Rooftop in making a gift to keep a family in their home.  Your gift will enable continued support for our neighbors as they rebuild housing stability.  With your help, Rooftop can be the difference between home and homeless.

In gratitude,

Lisa Wooley/Executive Director


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